As a high school freshman, I was worried about doing well in so many different subjects that all counted on my transcript. Eric taught me how social studies tests, science tests, foreign language tests and math tests are all the same. He showed me how multiple choice questions and essays are actually the same things. He proved to me that I could study for every test in every subject the exact same way. This consistency in how I studied and started to “right stuff down” on tests made academic success a reality for me.

As a high school junior, I was worried about doing well on so many different sections of the ACT. Eric taught me how the approach to all of the sections is exactly the same. He showed me how science questions are the same as math questions, english questions and reading questions. So instead of worrying about content for all of the sections of the test, I focused on one approach to every single one of the 215 questions. I took the “right stuff down” method that Eric taught me in 9th grade and applied it directly to my ACT in 11th grade. That is consistency.

Eric and I worked together when I applied to college, and we continue to work together as I apply to grad school. I applied the “right stuff down method” even on my computerized GRE, and I now work for Eric as a tutor.

I don’t know anyone else who thinks or teaches like Eric Zimmerman. Eric and his tutoring company changed my life academically and how I approach all obstacles I face.

-Nicole C
Harrison High School Class of 2014
University of Michigan Class of 2018

We develop a customized and practical plan to fit within the framework of each student's learning style and school setting. This helps every individual with whom we work to move from his or her initial "point A" to an improved "point B."

A student’s approach MUST align with application over memorization. At some point in elementary, middle or high school, traditional memorization techniques no longer produce desired results. Learning how to study in a manner consistent with test-question application is the key to sustained performance as students get older and school becomes more challenging and time-consuming. Content is important, but less so than efficient studying and active test-taking.

Confidence over anxiety, more than anything else, is the fundamental difference maker in test performance. Mobile and practical organization, efficient preparation for high stakes exams and developing active and visual test-taking strategies result in increasing confidence and maximizing potential.

This is the EZ Tutoring way: it shifts the narrative that a student is "better at science than social studies," "better at multiple choice than writing," and "I knew everything but only got an 81" to a repetitive, consistent method applied to all subjects and tests. Once a student gains clarity that his or her approach to all subjects and tests is exactly the same, grades across the board will shift in a positive direction.

EZ Tutoring Services works with students and families to maximize potential


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Eric excels in developing relationships with students and families that foster tremendous academic and personal success.  

"What sets me apart is my ability to determine why a student is performing at his or her current level, then teaching that student to successfully execute individualized strategies that maximize studying, test-taking, consistency and grades. The results are dependably successful across the board: higher exam grades, improved course grades and practical studying and test-taking methods applicable through middle school, high school and into college."

Eric earned his B.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Law at SUNY Binghamton and his M.A. in Secondary Education at Mercy College. He began his career in education working as a one-to-one paraprofessional with a student with Asperger's Syndrome, and has since amassed 20 years of teaching and tutoring experience.  

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