The initial session is an overview of both exams, with basic section-specific strategies applicable to each test. Although the skill set is similar, the tests are specifically different and results vary. We combine those the diagnostic results with PSAT and PACT scores and student feedback to determine which test fits that student best.

We create a short and long-term plan for this process based on section-specific and overall composite goals. While we establish a specific timeline, the plan is dynamic and subject to change as we move forward. Most importantly, the entire scope of junior year is incorporated into our plan-efficient scheduling around daily activities, midterms, AP Exams, SAT Subject Tests, and regents and final exams.

Weekly tutoring sessions focus on strategies, timing and mentality, with the overarching theme of approaching each section exactly the same way regardless of content. Although grammar and math knowledge are obviously required, the ACT and SAT are ultimately about how good of a test-taker a student can become. Mandatory assignments in between sessions develop a strong foundation of habits, resulting in a repeatable process when the student takes the actual exam. We identify specific areas of strength and weakness to help every student progress.

Data gathering over the course of the first few months fosters an easy decision-making process; students will take the actual exam when they are ready, not just because the test if offered on a particular date. We do not need an actual test to know the likely grade range, and, thus, students are put in a position to succeed as opposed to "hoping for the best." Practice tests and analysis are incorporated within the program for this purpose.

Our approach and mentality uniquely, assertively and progressively assists students in maximizing their potential on these high-stakes exams.


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