We strive to make the experience of the college process consistent with the results. With our staff of college, organizational and writing specialists, we create a specific timeline for each student, incorporating high school course scheduling, standardized test timelines and a comprehensive list of potential colleges/universities. 

There is a lot of work to do in completing college applications from start to finish, so our focus on one task at a time is consistent with progression, efficiency and reducing stress and anxiety for the student and family. We start with the common application and common app essay and proceed when that is finished through each individual school in order of priority, different for each student depending on deadlines, interest, etc. We incorporate all peripheral items and responsibilities as we go.

Organization is the key; our connection via google drive with our College Planner Pro, spreadsheet checklists, essay folders and timelines keep everyone in the loop in real-time, significantly reducing the unknown and associated intra-family anxiety and conflict.

Right stuff down.

College process