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We are working with our community during this difficult time. 



Good morning,
The ACT postponed its announcement re: test center openings/closings for the June exam (6/13). ACT Covid-19 updates for the most relevant info and FAQs. The following are some highlights (or lowlights, depending upon interpretation):

ACT will release info on openings/closures next week, as early as 5/26 (ACT previously announced it would release this info tomorrow 5/22).

-Testing sites closed on 6/13 may open on 6/20 to administer the June exam-updates to follow as information warrants.
-Schools closed for instruction could still open for ACT administrations in June/July.
-All students, including students taking the test on other day(s) besides Saturday 6/13, are eligible for the June AND July Test Questions and Answers TIR (Questions and Answers).
-The ACT is following CDC school guidelines.

-The ACT is allowing students to bring/wear masks and gloves, but does say any PPE brought to the test center is subject to inspection. -Exactly what inspection means is unclear. Students are not required to wear a mask, and the ACT is unclear as to whether or not proctors are required to wear a mask/gloves.

-The CDC guidelines say staff "should be" wearing masks, which is different than "are required to" wear masks. 
-Section-specific retesting is not available until September, and at-home testing will not be available for several months

Determining the risk/reward of taking the June ACT is individualized, incorporates many factors and there is no right or wrong general decision that applies to all. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact me directly with questions or concerns. As always, I will give you the most comprehensive and practical answers I can.

If your son/daughter intends to take the June ACT, I strongly recommend you contact the school at which he/she is taking the test directly to ensure that they are in full compliance with CDC social distancing guidelines and ready to administer this test in a practical and safe manner. The CDC guidelines are generally more applicable to typical school operations rather than specific to standardized test administrations, and the guidelines are "considerations and suggestions" as opposed to a list of requirements. 

Stay strong,

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If you have any additional questions or concerns, contact us via email: scheduling@eztutoringservices.com. We are pleased to provide relevant, updated information and happy to help in any capacity we can.