Middle school and elementary school

Developing good habits from the beginning is key to success throughout a student's academic career. But good habits do not mean traditional memorization; it means learning how to study and take tests in a way that carries through the middle and high school years. 

When the quantity of information increases and test questions shift from primarily rote memorization to application and analysis, our method sets the foundation for continued success as students move forward. Studying and test-taking strategies that work in elementary school must adapt to the shift towards application and analysis in middle and high school. Students must adjust their organization, studying and test-taking methods as school fundamentally changes throughout a their academic careers. 

We connect reading comprehension in english to word problems in math and science tests on photosynthesis to social studies tests on the Civil War in the exact same way. We develop evidence-based writing that connects to the same thematic approach in middle and high school, regardless of content and subject.

Right stuff down.