Right stuff down.

Our individual tutoring is extremely effective in helping students fully understand the material. Memorizing definitions is much less applicable than understanding how terms connect to each other in terms of the concepts and themes of any given unit. Once a student internalizes concepts, specific information is much easier to recall and apply on exams. 

Our small group tutoring builds on students' natural tendency to socialize and communicate, facilitating interaction and collaboration. An active and engaging setting, this format fosters cognitive development through the lens of others.

Our group reviews for midterms, finals, regents and AP exams cover the often overwhelming breadth of content in ways that are directly applicable to exams. The online component that connects the students to the tutor and each other via shared documents ensures consistent communication, feedback and most importantly student work. The incentive for each student to complete his or her part of the work is a motivating factor that produces a comprehensive content review with specific applicability to the exam. 

Our online scheduling platform for all tutors streamlines the process and encourages flexible scheduling. Sessions are scheduled as needed and are not locked into weekly dates/times. Recurring sessions are easily scheduled as well with weekday and weekend availability.

Tutoring Plans