About Us

We develop positive, trust-building relationships with every student. We work with students on practical solutions that fit their schedules, save them time, minimize stress, and maximize confidence and potential. We maintain a comprehensive understanding of all education trends relating to high school course content and related exams, the standardized testing landscape, and the college application process.

With over 20 years of classroom and tutoring experience, EZ Tutoring helps students identify themselves as more confident individuals. Our methodology for streamlining organization and studying in order to maximize learning and test-taking casts votes for students to grow into the kind of people they strive to become.

An essential part of making academic progress is a mindset of confidence. How to attack a homework assignment, a longer-term project, a comprehensive test-prep plan, or even an individual test question builds a sense of control, giving that student the ability to command the process and maximize potential.

content tutoring

  • Conceptual understanding over memorization 
  • ​Detail oriented test-taking
  • Connecting studying with test format

organize your mind. right stuff down.


  • Evidence over assumptions 
  • Right answers for the right reasons
  • Process over outcomes 


  • Chasing habits, not chasing grades
  • ​Designing your environment for success
  • ​Make it obvious, make it appealing, make it easy

What We Do

EZ Tutoring Services

Right Stuff Down

Why EZ Tutoring

EZ Tutoring operates in the day-to-day real world of the modern student. We are aware of the specifics that drive decision-making, stress, and all academic outcomes. We know what schedules are really like, and we know that a physical amount of time to complete an academic task is insufficient—the student needs to feel good about what they’re doing when they’re doing it. We know how to relate to students, we know how to relate to parents, and we know how to help balance academics, athletics, and extracurriculars. Most importantly, we know how to help a student feel successful and accomplished.

College Counseling

  • Balancing rigor 
  • Balancing the short- and long-term 
  • Balancing the right school with the perception of the right school