College Counseling

We provide a wide range of help from choosing a college, applications and essays, and adjusting to the changes. 


We have experience across a diverse array of courses from middle school through high school, our tutors can help you succeed in any class!

Our Approach is simple. Right stuff down.

Here at EZ Tutoring Services, we help our students succeed in the easiest and most effective way for them.  We use an individualized approach to understanding each student's unique needs and create a personalized plan to help them achieve their goals. 

Eric Zimmerman, President of EZ Tutoring Services, developed the Right Stuff Down method over 20 years of tutoring experience by listening to his student's needs and understanding exactly where in the process they needed help and guidance.  It has proven effective countless times and our students feel the effects of the Right Stuff Down method for years to come.  

Executive Functioning

We view executive functioning as essential to organizing your life. These skills enable better organization, focus, memory, and planning.

organize your mind. right stuff down.


We help you understand how to approach common trends and ideas in these tests and master your process and efficiency.

EZ Tutoring Services

Right Stuff Down