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​Catholic/Private School Admissions

Greg Cuddy

Lead College Counselor



  • ACT / SAT
  • Academic Advising
  • Applications / Essay Writing
  • Finding the Right School 

College counseling

​College counseling is dynamic, as pre-pandemic trends have exploded into seismic changes across the college admissions landscape. What hasn’t changed is our philosophy —reasoned, informed decisions that prioritize the short-term. This approach helps keep students on the right path, leading directly to colleges where they will likely thrive. We are proactive because we know every step of the process.

The changes prior to the pandemic—the shift to test-optional, the record increase in application quantity, the seemingly arbitrary nature of acceptances/rejections—have intensified over the past few years. While there are certainly trends, comparing the 2020 to 2021 to 2022 admissions cycles paints an incomplete picture as changes in the college process are ongoing and exponential. Navigating the college process is not as simple as it might have been—but it’s not impossible either. There is a balance of the experience, the cost, the program, the community, the location, and the pressures of social media that we help pinpoint, situating students in a position to thrive in both the short and long term.

  • GRE / LSAT
  • Essay Writing
  • LSAC & Grad School Applications
  • Targeting the Right Program

Graduate/Law School Admissions

Eric Zimmerman 

Executive Educational Consultant​

  • Essay Writing
  • Course Selection
  • Family Consulting

Undergraduate Admissions