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ACT & sat



Test-optional, test-flexible, test-blind, test-mandatory.

Pen and paper ACT → Digital ACT.

154 question SAT → 98 (98!) question SAT.

Standard format SAT → Adaptive testing SAT.

The ACT and SAT are big businesses, and when big businesses feel threatened, they make changes that seem significant. In reality, standardized testing is living up to its billing—it’s remarkably consistent. So is our process—practicing properly, building habits, and confidence in execution—this is executive functioning through test-taking.

​As students prepare, the details within the process are more important than the outcomes. Explaining why a right answer is right through question-recognition and evidence is more important than a total number of right answers that generate a positive outcome on any practice section or test. Specific details within each question matter—that’s how a student moves forward over the long-term.