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"Eric Zimmerman is a local shaper known for his unique tutoring services. Eric has helped a wide range of students succeed in classes they struggle in, ACT prep, and college help. He builds confidence in his students, and he makes difficult subjects a lot more bearable. His approach on tutoring is different from every other tutor because he makes an individualized tutoring plan for each student, and builds a connection with everyone he works with. He knows there isn’t one type of tutoring that works for everyone because he knows all students learn a little differently. Eric maximizes the potential of every student he works with, and he really cares about each of his students. Eric has made a significant difference in the motivation of students across town. It’s impressive how well he lifts the stress, school sometimes brings, off the shoulders of all different types of students. I have always struggled with my confidence in school, but Eric has encouraged me to believe in myself and my abilities."

Emme G.

"I got the chance to get to know Eric towards the end of middle school, as an 8th grade student who struggled mostly with getting all my strongest ideas on the page and doubting my first answer almost routinely. At this point in my educational career I became extremely discouraged because I consistently felt that getting in my own way with ‘careless errors’ and ‘overthinking’ on both essays and tests was inevitable.

Eric helped me open my eyes to new strategies that would help organize my ideas in a strategic and useful way rather than letting small aspects ruin a bigger picture. These strategies sparked a newfound confidence that caused me to bump a full letter grade in three of my core classes in under 2 months.

I continued using Eric all throughout High School refining these same skills he taught me as a credulous 8th grade student. Without these skills that I learned from Eric I definitely would not be where I am today, entering my second year of college using the same skills I learned years ago. Skills as simple as “righting stuff down,” have truly molded me into a better writer, student, and person, who can effectively manage time and obstacles. These lessons are truly invaluable and gave me the confidence to exceed even my own expectations. I will always be grateful for Eric and the worlds of knowledge he has gifted to me."

Jordan F.
Blind Brook HS, Class of 2017
Tulane University, Class of 2021

“What sets Eric apart is his ability to listen and adapt to the needs of students at all different levels.  Eric has helped my friends and I prepare for regents exams from freshman year to junior year and has made a remarkable impact on my grades, performance during tests, and study skills.

During tutoring sessions he would have me create calendars to stay organized throughout the process, do practice multiple choice questions, write essays about specific topics, make study guides, etc. Learning to “right stuff down,” especially during regents exams, has been one of the most valuable techniques that Eric teaches his students to do and one of the many test taking methods that I will carry to college and beyond.”

Julia M.
Blind Brook HS, Class of 2018
University of Wisconsin at Madison, Class of 2022

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"Eric has been my tutor in several subjects over the course of 6 years, and I’m not sure I would of made it through grueling midterms and regents exams without him. When I faced a new challenge as a high schooler, my AP exams, there was nowhere else to turn but to Eric. Eric was able to help me approach difficult APUSH multiple choice questions and essay prompts the same way a historian would and to look at history as a whole instead of divided units which made the exam much more comprehensible.

In group sessions, Eric works to each students strengths and ensures that every student not only understands the information, but is able to apply this knowledge on exams successfully on their own. Eric also provides a plethora of extremely helpful test prep materials outside of tutoring sessions including several specific study guides, testing tips, and practice questions that squander any testing anxiety. Eric is able to instill confidence in all types of students and makes any future test taking less intimidating and more conquerable."


"I have worked with Eric since my freshman year of high school, and his abilities never fail to disappoint. Unlike other tutors I have worked with, Eric personalizes his tutoring to every type of student. He always attends to his students’ needs and focuses on each student even in group sessions. 

I have used Eric for generalized test preparation, group regents sessions, and the ACT. In every situation, Eric has helped me to achieve my goals and taught me new test-taking strategies along the way. I went through many tutors for the ACT, a very difficult and frustrating process that made it difficult to find the right tutor. With Eric, it clicked for me right away. He was the only tutor that truly opened my eyes as to how to take the test. He showed me the ACT isn’t just about knowledge of content, but about how you approach each question. There is no doubt that the test-taking knowledge I have learned from Eric is something I will use for the rest of my academic career."

Kayla A. 

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