If you don’t submit an ACT or SAT score to colleges, won’t they assume you did poorly?

Nope! We do 1:1 tutoring, small groups, and larger classes.

Nope! The data is clear that not submitting a test score is not held against a student. However, submitting a strong test score does add value to an application.

Do Regents grades matter?

Not really, unless one or more sticks out as a negative outlier.

Not necessarily. While the format, timing, and structure of the SAT are changing, the changes are not necessarily negative.

Do colleges see my regents grades? 

Does EZ tutoring services only offer 1:1 tutoring?

You would if you were to superscore (take the best sections of individual exams to compile the best composite score). Otherwise, only a very small number of schools require this.

Can I send some standardized test scores but not others?

Very likely. Educational trends do shift, but they typically take a very long time. Something as significant as the pandemic was the reason so many schools shifted to test-optional so quickly.

Neither, schools look at the two tests as equivalent. The ACT and College Board published concordance tables to correlate the test scores.


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Yes, they are on your transcript. 

Do colleges prefer the SAT or ACT?

Is EZ TUtoring services in-person or remote?

Do I have to send all of my ACT and SAT scores to schools?

How do i schedule a tutoring session?

Both! Our in-person office is located at 800 Westchester Avenue, Rye Brook, NY, Suite 641-N; we also provide remote tutoring through Google Meet, utilizing the Google suite of apps, as well as an iPad and Notability connection.

Does EZ tutoring services provide more than content-based or exam-based tutoring?

Virtual school during COVID-19 does not compare to remote tutoring sessions—these are completely different experiences! While all students of course have different needs, students typically do very well with virtual tutoring sessions, regardless of their online experience during the height of the pandemic in the Spring of 2020.

Will colleges remain test-optional?

Yes. And also no. 

Yes: Schools that are test-optional DO NOT require you to send an ACT or SAT score.
No: Percentages of incoming freshmen classes that do or don’t send ACT or SAT scores significantly differ from school to school. 

Bottom Line: All test-optional schools are test-optional, but some are more test-optional than others.

Yes, we specialize in practical Executive Functioning through academics. This applies to organization, studying, test-taking, and the entire college application process.

does test-optional really mean test-optional?

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Should I not take the SAT this year because it’s changing in March?

My child struggled with virtual learning during the pandemic—will virtual tutoring work? 

Yes. You decide what test scores, if any, to send to individual schools. For example, you might submit an ACT score to one school but not another.